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Brown County Indiana Location Map

Brown County is in south central Indiana. It is bounded on the north by Morgan County and Johnson County, on the west by Monroe County, on the south by Monroe County and Jackson County, and on the east by Bartholomew County.

  Natural Areas

Brown County State Park
 See also: DNR

Deam Wilderness
 See also: USFS

Hare Preserve at Downey Hill
 See also: SLT

Hickory Ridge Trail

Hitz-Rhodehamel Woods
 See also: NC

Mountain Tea State Forest

Nebo Ridge Trail

Ogle Hollow NP

Selma Steele Nature Preserve
 See also: DNR [PDF]

Sycamore Loop

Ten O'Clock Line NP

Trevlac Bluffs Nature Preserve

Whip-poor-will Woods

Yellowwood State Forest
 See also: DNR


Indiana Native Plant Society - South Central Chapter

Sassafras Audubon Society

Sycamore Land Trust