Warren County

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Warren County is in western Indiana. It is bounded on the north by Benton County, on the west by Illinois, on the south by Founty County and Vermillion County, and on the east by Fountain County and Tippecanoe County.

  Natural Areas

Black Rock

Black Rock Barrens
 See also: NICHES NC DNR [PDF]

Carr Island

Crow's Grove

Fall Creek Gorge
This Preserve Has Been Closed Indefinitely

Hewitt Estate

Honey Branch Bluff

Kohnke's Little Pine Valley

Potawatomi Trail

Rhus Radicans

Rock Creek Nature Preserve
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Swanson's Bluff

Weiler-Leopold Nature Reserve
 See also: NICHES DNR [PDF]

Williams Woods


Indiana Native Plant Society - West Central Chapter

NICHES Land Trust

Sycamore Audubon Society