Image of Beaver Lake Nature Preserve in Newton County Indiana


Alphabetical List of Natural Areas

This is a long list of natural areas open to the public, arranged alphabetically. Each entry includes one or more links to content that resides on EcoIndiana and/or the website of the entity responsible for the property, and sometimes additional entities that also have something to say.

List of Indiana County Pages

Indiana has 92 counties and EcoIndiana provides a separate page for each of them. The county pages include a small map that shows where the county is within the state. It also includes links to information about natural areas within the county, links to the websites of environmental organizations active in the county, and a map that illustrates the 8-digit watersheds within the county.

Indiana Watersheds

The U.S. Geological Survey defines 38 8-digit hydrologic units or watersheds that each occupy some portion of Indiana, and EcoIndiana contains descriptions of 37 of them (the exception being Lake Michigan). The watershed profiles include maps showing the extent of each watershed, the acreage(s) that the watershed occupies in each of its counties, a list of some of the principal tributaries within the watershed, and a description of where the water in that watershed ends up.


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Basically, use the site at your own risk. I make an effort to provide accurate and useful information, but the world does change and I can't visit the places described on this site as often as I wish I could to update things. Also, I make mistakes.

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