Baltzell-Lenhart Nature Preserve

Baltzell-Lenhart Woods Nature Preserve is a 37-acre preserve that contains mature oak-hickory woods, along with wetter areas that host species better adapted to moist conditions.

Though the preserve seems a likely candidate for one, there is no formal trail here. Instead, a faint tread begins at the parking area and heads south into the preserve, soon fading into indistinct deer paths.

Baltzell-Lenhart Nature Preserve

Preserve Interior

The understory is somewhat thick during the summer, and poison ivy is common. Mosquitoes can also be fantastically abundant, doubtless breeding in the wetter areas toward the south end of the property.

Spring visitors can expect to see prairie trillium and May apple, grading to wild geranium, phlox and abundant false Solomon's seal as the year progresses.


Adams County. From the intersection of US 27 and IN 124, north 2.4 miles on US 27 to CR 200N, then east 0.6 miles to a parking area on the right.

North 40 46.449 West 84 55.546
DeLorme 30:A10

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