Berns-Meyer Nature Preserve

Berns-Meyer Nature Preserve consists of twenty acres of moist woods. Spring wildflowers are abundant and include trillium, May apple, and jack-in-the-pulpit, giving way to ginger, false Solomon's seal, and jewelweed as the year progresses.

There are numerous small wet areas where countless mosquitoes breed during the warmer months; you are unlikely to avoid them or other life forms of the biting and stinging variety. Long pants may offer some protection against the formidable stands of stinging nettle and poison ivy, and may help reduce blood loss.


There is a short loop trail with 44 closely-spaced markers corresponding to descriptions in a printed guide that is ordinarily available at the registry box.


Pulaski County. From the settlement of Pulaski, go north 2.3 miles on SR 119 to 100 West, then right 0.6 miles to 500 South, then turn right into the parking area at the southwest corner of the intersection.

North 40 59.061 West 86 37.368
DeLorme 26:E2

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