Brock-Sampson Nature Preserve

Brock-Sampson Nature Preserve is unmarked, trail-less, and virtually without parking. However, it offers opportunities to scramble through interesting habitats and, in leafless seasons, enjoy views of the Ohio River valley.

I once climbed the ridge line closest to the pull off, and eventually noticed that I was herding along a flock of turkeys, always just within sight. Near the top, you’ll scramble uphill through a band of oak savanna, perched on a talus slope.

Talus Slope

Watch your footing here, and not just to avoid slipping or falling; when I last passed through, I nearly stepped on a good-sized copperhead before it slithered under a rock not far from my feet.




Floyd County. Head south from New Albany on IN 111 for several miles, then right on well-marked Sevenmile Lane. A small obscure pull-off is on the right about one mile from IN 111, just as Sevenmile Lane makes a sharp left.

North 38 11.849 West 85 54.185
DeLorme 64:A5

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