Conrad Station

Conrad Station is a large oak savanna tract, once the site of a settlement of the same name. This is a relatively recent Nature Conservancy acquisition; controlled burns and hand removal of exotic species are slowly returning it closer to its original state.



There is a loop trail, approximately 1.5 miles long. While generally well-marked, there are some confusing spots where the trail intersects old roads and informal paths. You will occasionally pass through grassy areas with milkweed, partridge pea, blazing star, and other prairie wildflowers. However, most of the tread is under oaks, with bracken and young sassafras trees below.



Newton County. From the intersection of US 41 and County Road 725 East, go east 0.5 miles on 725 East to a pull off on the left, just as the road curves sharply to the right (south).

North 41 06.290 West 87 26.364
DeLorme 24:C4

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Conrad Savanna Nature Preserve


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