Cool Creek Park

Cool Creek Park is a large multipurpose park bordered by commercial and residential development. Lawns, playgrounds, and bandstand dominate the southern portion; the more interesting areas are to the north.

The nature center contains exhibits and brochures describing the local flora and fauna, while a small restored prairie lies just to the southwest of the center.


Two marked loops, the Tulip Trail and the Beech Trail, explore wooded areas adjacent to and north of Cool Creek. Sporadic posts bearing the outline of Tulip or Beech leaves mark each trail. Though there are numerous unofficial trails, it is hard to get lost here, especially as a loop road runs through the northern area.


Hamilton County. From I-465 Exit 31, go north 6.4 miles on US 31 to 151st St, then east 0.2 miles to the entrance on the left.

North 40 00.454 West 86 07.429
DeLorme 39:E8

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Nature Center, bathrooms, water.

Nearby Natural Areas

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