Detering Nature Preserve

Detering Nature Preserve is a relatively recent ACRES acquisition that still reveals its farmstead past.

Though few of the trees growing here are large, they are beginning to transform the property into forest; doubtless it will be quite nice in another fifty years. For now, the understory is still relatively thick, with shrubs and invasives like multiflora rose.

Views of the lake and adjacent shore are appealing, with lily pads and other emergent vegetation, but the far shore is developed.


Lanes and trails allow access through the woods and to the southern shore of Round Lake.

Round Lake


Noble County, on the east side of Kendallville. There is a parking area just past the intersection of Kammerer Road and US 6. It is on the left just as you turn from US 6 onto Kammerer Rd, which immediately turns into 700 North.

North 41 27.124 West 85 14.847
DeLorme 23:E/F7

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ACRES Land Trust
Habeck: Wild Indiana; Page 40