Dustin Nature Preserve

Natural Areas: Dustin Nature Preserve

State Designated Nature Preserve [#234; 2010]

View of Cedar Creek at the Dustin Nature Preserve

Cedar Creek. Click to enlarge

This is really a complex of three contiguous preserves that also includes the Johnson and Whitehurst preserves. It boasts a large trail network and serves as the headquarters of ACRES Land Trust. The Dustin Preserve accounts for the great majority of the whole. A large meadow with scattered trees, a large barn, and mowed paths occupies the northeastern area, so bring a hat on sunny days and watch for ticks. I find the wetland areas west of the entrance lane more interesting. Frogs, turtles, and snakes are all present.

Other good areas are toward the southern part of the complex, near the ACRES office. A short spur leads to Lanhamís Promontory, where the land drops sharply away in three directions. Another trail leads down to the banks of Cedar Creek. Itís a rather steep trail but the views of Cedar Creek are worth the effort.

Trail Map

trail map

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Allen County. From I-69 Exit 312, north 7.8 miles to Chapman Rd, then right 0.6 miles to a parking area on the right.

GPS: N 41 15.044 W 85 07.392



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