Dygert Nature Preserve

Dygert Nature Preserve protects rolling woodlands rich with wildflowers. Spring wildflowers include bellwort, trillium, Dutchman's breeches, bloodroot, and thousands of blue-eyed Mary.

Blue-eyed Mary


After parking, walk west along the wooded edge of a field. You'll have to climb a small hill and walk a good distance before arriving at the woods. Orange diamonds mark (though not consistently) paths into the interior; sometimes white discs show the way.


A deep, steep-sided ditch partially divides the preserve, though there is at least one point at which a crossing is possible. The trail system is confusing, but the spectacular wildflower displays make disorientation easier to accept.



Whitley County. From the intersection of US 30 and IN 109, go north 3.7 miles on IN 109 to 400 North, then west 0.5 miles to 50 West, then north 0.2 miles to the entrance on the left. Gravel drive with parking area at its end.

North 41 13.504 West 85 30.088
DeLorme 28:A3

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