Guthrie Woods


If you think trails and wilderness are incompatible, Guthrie Woods may be your kind of place. There are all sorts of impediments to straightforward navigation – large, irregular patches of sticky white soil, ephemeral ponds, the lavish wreckage of fallen trees, and vegetative riots of poison ivy.

Woods Interior

You won’t need a flashlight – at least during daylight hours – but the majestic cathedral formed by these old growth trees admits very little of summer’s light. The trees are bigger to the north, but getting there can be a challenge.


Whichever way you try to go, obstacles seem to pop up and redirect you; my own visits invariably end as I emerge from the woods, blinking, far from my intended destination. Bring a compass.




Jennings County. From the intersection of US 50 and IN 3/7 in North Vernon, go south 8.2 miles on IN 7, then left 1.3 miles on County Line Rd (500 South) to the southeast corner of the preserve, where there is a marker. Pull over as far as you dare, minding the steep ditch, and park along the road.

North 38 54.752 West 85 31.212
DeLorme 52:F3

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