Hanging Rock Nature Preserve

Hanging Rock Nature Preserve is the remnant of a coral reef formed millions of years ago when oceans covered the area. Glacial sediments buried the reef, and it has only surfaced in (relatively) recent millennia, due to the erosive action of the Wabash River.

Hanging Rock

Walk down to the river’s edge, where you can see that the Wabash is slowly undercutting the rock, giving it the appearance of “hanging” over the river – hence the name. Then climb the eighty or so feet to the top for excellent views of the river and surrounding countryside.

Hanging Rock Vista

A National Natural Landmark.


Nothing formal, though there is a path of sorts to the top.


Wabash County. From the intersection of US 24 and IN 524 in Lagro, proceed south and east 0.8 miles on IN 524. As IN 524 turns sharply to the south, continue east 0.8 miles on Division Road to a small parking pull off on the left.

North 40 49.778 West 85 42.411
DeLorme 28:G1

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