Leavenworth Barrens Nature Preserve

Barrens are somewhat open areas that have a prairie aspect to them; plants include prairie dock, coneflower, bergamot, and others. Soils are usually dry and the vegetation adapted to drought conditions.


The Leavenworth Barrens occur in isolated and widely separated spots throughout this 700+ acre preserve; most are relatively small and will require hiking and exploration to reach.

The most accessible barren is at the intersection described in the directions below. Others are farther from the road.

To reach two of them, turn left at that intersection and continue north about 0.4 miles to a gate on the left. Follow the lane (on foot) and you’ll get there eventually.

There are others, but you’ll have to search them out.




Crawford County. From downtown Leavenworth, east about 0.2 miles to Dry Run Road, then north 1.0 mile to an intersection. Park along the road.

North 38 12.659 West 86 20.050
DeLorme 63:A11

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources