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Lincoln Lake and Boat Rental Cabin

Lincoln Lake and Boat Rental Cabin. Click to enlarge

This is one of Indianaís oldest state parks, and honors not President Lincoln, but rather his mother. Lincoln spent his youth in this area, and many of the trails pass sites that figured prominently in his early life. The parkís principal physiographic feature is Lake Lincoln, a pretty impoundment formed by damming several small streams. Trail 3 gets my vote as the best in the park; it passes through the Sarah Lincoln's Woods Nature Preserve, which protects a rare example of oak barrens habitat. Its rather open tree canopy admits enough light to support prairie plants; late summer is best. Trail 1 circles the lake; itís a pleasant hike if there isnít much noisy activity on or around the water.


Spencer County. The entrance is on the south side of IN 162, 1.3 miles west of the intersection of IN 162 and US 231. (Fee)

GPS: N 38 06.666 W 86 59.890


Campground, many others.

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