Ly-co-ki-we Trail

Ly-co-ki-we Trail is not so much a single trail as a network of trails meandering through recent growth woods, wetlands, and dunes in an area between U.S. 12 and U.S. 20. During the warmer months, much of the trail system is open to horses, with all that entails.

Ly-co-ki-we Trail

Mosquitoes can be fierce, but wildflowers and ferns are common and the sandy footpath makes for a pleasant if occasionally challenging stroll.

Aside from the trailhead described below, access is available from the Dunewood Campground.

In early August, watch for large clusters of Indian pipe near the U.S. 20 entrance.


Porter County. From the intersection of IN 49 and US 20, proceed east 2.3 miles on US 20 to the parking area on the left (at 275E/Brumitt Road).

North 41 38.936 West 87 00.871
DeLorme 19:B9

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Bathrooms with flush toilets at the US 20 Trailhead.

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