Madison Township School Nature Preserve

Madison Township School Nature Preserve is a 27-acre preserve that looks like an upside down “L”.

Wooded Wetland


You’ll start at the eastern end, where a profusion of trails explores the immediate area; a large inscribed rock marks the location of the old township school, razed long ago. From here, a well-defined loop trail (with a couple of side loops at its southwestern extremity) runs through an overgrown field, and then into second-growth woods, totaling altogether about a mile.


Despite the relative youth of these woods, there are plenty of wildflowers, with an unusually high concentration of green dragon – a relative of jack-in-the-pulpit - in addition to most of the usual species. Along the way, keep an eye out for the mud “chimneys” of crayfish along the wetter portions of the trail.


Near the southeastern corner of Jay County. From the settlement of Bellfontaine, go east 1.0 mile on IN 26 to 700 East, then south 5.5 miles to 600 South. Park at the southwestern corner of the intersection.

North 40 21.128 West 84 50.606
DeLorme 35:G11

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