Maplewood Nature Preserve

Maplewood Nature Preserve is an ACRES property adjacent to a County park. The ACRES portion lies to the east, and the southern end of that property is home to tall oaks. The county-owned portion is to the west; large maples tower over the ground north and east of the nature center. Great Solomon's seal grows near the county preserve entrance.



A trail system encompasses both properties. The trails are well-maintained and obvious, though the color-coded markings are somewhat sporadic.


You'll encounter several small wetlands and (during spring, at least) wildflowers and birds, including lots of trillium, and warblers calling from above.


Lagrange County. From the intersection of US 20 and IN 9 in Lagrange, go east 3.5 miles on US 20 to 400E, then south 1.0 mile to 100S, then east about half a mile to a marked entrance on the right (south).

North 41 37.657 West 85 20.246
DeLorme 22:C5

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Nature Center with bathrooms, water.

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ACRES Land Trust
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