Ouabache State Park

Ouabache State Park is a former county forest and game preserve once noted for raising game animals. There is an entry fee.



There are several trails, though I confess I find the hiking uninspiring. Trail 5 is the longest, taking six miles to make its way around most of the perimeter of the park.

One noteworthy curiosity: the DNR keeps several buffalo in a large outdoor pen; you can view the rather forlorn looking creatures at relatively close range along Trail 1, which circles their pen.

Kunkel Lake is just south of the buffalo enclosure, and along with the campgrounds and swimming pool, is the principal focus of activity in the park.


Wells County, about three miles east-southeast of Bluffton. From Bluffton, follow IN 124 about two miles east of its northern intersection with IN 1, then right on IN 201, which will take you straight to the park.

North 40 43.509 West 85 07.355
DeLorme 35:A8

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Campground, swimming pool, shelters, play areas.

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