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Pehkokia Woods is an ACRES preserve that protects nearly 100 acres just to the northwest of Huntington. The parking area is a short drive north of 400 North, through an open area, though this may change with time (see below). The preserve boasts a fairly complex trail system that consists of several loops and side trails. Start by heading north from the parking area along an old lane. Two very short spurs branch east, allowing exploration of a small pond near the gate. ACRES is reforesting the area around this pond, so its appearance will change over the coming years.

I suggest continuing past the first left and opting for the second or third lefts; they are the endpoints of a loop that extends northwest into the preserve’s wooded interior amongst shallow ravines. Further north the lane passes an old building and a small pond, both on the right, before coming to a "T" at the northernmost loop. This loop traverses an open meadow that in summer is host to hundreds of rattlesnake master and other prairie plants. I have sometimes, but not always, encountered a side trail that begins from the southeast portion of that loop and shadows a small stream valley. The return leg along the western edge of the preserve is mostly along an old gravel lane that crowds the fence line and lacks the appeal of the rest of the property, but it does connect with another interior loop that is worth exploring.

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Huntington County. From US 24 X IN 9 on the west side of Huntington, go north 0.9 miles on 24/9 to the light at Flaxmill. Go west 0.4 mile on Flaxmill, then turn right on a lane that leads to parking.

GPS: N 40 53.296 W 85 31.947



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