Pipewort Pond Nature Preserve

Pipewort Pond is a very shallow water body that hosts several unusual species of plants. Among these is pipewort, whose bead-like clusters of tiny white flowers, maybe a centimeter or two wide, spend the summer perched atop relatively long, thin, leafless stalks.

Pipewort Pond

Water levels fluctuate dramatically, so that when the water is high you might see floating lily pads, and on your next visit observe little but expansive mud flats. Access to the pond is limited to the boardwalk, so there's not a lot of opportunity for exploration, but who knows what you might spot under the right circumstances?

Pipewort Pond


Follow the upland path from the parking area to a short boardwalk that looks out over the pond.


Elkhart County. In Bristol, turn north on North Division/CR 23. A parking area is on the left, about a half mile after passing under the Toll Road.

North 41 44.682 West 85 49.376
DeLorme 21:A12

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