Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown is one of the newest State parks, established in 2004. The theme here is prairie, and DNR has planted much of the property in native grasses that stand eight or more feet high. Despite their height, the grasses offer little shade, and if you plan to do much hiking, bring a hat.



The two trails are side-by-side loops that form a figure eight. At times, you may feel as if you are walking in a vegetative trench, but elevated portions of the trails can offer impressive vistas of waving grass. To the north, the trails explore the Harrison Creek valley, and Trail 1 crosses over a large fen - an alkaline wetland that is very unusual in Indiana.



Tippecanoe County. From I-65 Exit 178, go south 0.4 miles on IN 43 to Burnett Road, then left 0.4 miles to 9th Street, then right 0.4 miles to Swisher Road, then left 1.7 miles to the entrance station.

North 40 29.825 West 86 50.576
DeLorme 31:E12

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Water, bathrooms, camping, shelters, playgrounds.

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources