Spurgeon Nature Preserve

ACRES Land Trust aquired Spurgeon Nature Preserve in 1961; it was the Trust's first property.


The preserve protects 65 acres of mature beech-maple woods, parts of which have been undisturbed for many decades. USGS maps designate the area as The Knobs, and the glacially-shaped terrain contains numerous rather abrupt mounds and several wet areas.


Large stones lie scattered about; these glacial erratics came from the far north with the glaciers and were left behind when the ice melted. Wildflowers are abundant in the spring, but once summer arrives and the trees leaf out, the understory is rather dark and almost gloomy.


The loop trail has many branches and is potentially confusing; the best advice is to follow the white "Trail" discs.



Noble County. From Ligonier, east 2.5 miles on U.S. 6, then north 2.2 miles on 600 West to the parking area on the right.

North 41 29.310 West 85 32.323
DeLorme 22:E3

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