Teeple Glade
Nature Preserve

Natural Areas: Teeple Glade Nature Preserve

State Designated Nature Preserve [#108; 1988]


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Teeple Glade is one of a complex of protected glades in Harrison County. Glades typically occur on steep south or west facing slopes with thin, rocky soil. Heat, dry conditions, and a tendency to burn severely challenge trees and favor a mix of species adapted to prairie-like conditions. Past the gated entrance, you’ll follow a dirt lane, but after topping a small hill, you’ll turn right and descend. The sometimes overgrown trail works its way around the base or lower limits of the glade, so that most of the glade will be to your left, up slope. Scattered oaks and grasses, along with wildflowers that vary by season, hang on above, while below you to the right is a somewhat thicker forest. After completing the loop, head back to your vehicle along the same lane.

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Harrison County. From the four-way stop in Elizabeth, S 2.6 miles on IN 11. As IN 11 sweeps to the right, go straight on Rosewood. Go 2.8 miles to Rabbit Hash Rd, then right 1.5 miles to Keen Hill Rd, then left 0.4 miles to a gate and pull off.

GPS: N 38 01.905 W 85 57.451



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