Wildwood Nature Preserve

Wildwood Nature Preserve protects nearly 240 acres. Spring wildflowers are impressive in the woods, with many species present, including large-flowered trillium.


There is a large pond and numerous smaller wetlands; during the warmer months, it should be just about impossible to avoid seeing turtles, frogs, birds, or even a snake or two.


The southeastern portion is an old field apparently slated for a constructed prairie.



The preserve features an extensive trail system through woods, open areas, and past wetlands. Most of the woods and paths are in the eastern half of the property.


Pick up a map at the caretaker's house - it will help you avoid getting lost in the rather bewildering network of paths.


Kosciusko County. From the intersection of IN 14 and IN 15, go east 3.4 miles on IN 14 to the signed entrance; then turn right down a gravel lane to a parking area near the caretakerís house.

North 41 04.356 West 85 49.633
DeLorme 27:D12

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