Woodland Bog Nature Preserve

Woodland Bog is a wet, trackless woods densely populated with ferns and mosquitoes. Park by the small sign along the road and follow the faint path between field and backyard toward the woods, then hop a style and enter the preserve.

Parking Area

Even during dry spells, these woods are wet; after a rain, standing water is everywhere. There are many, many ferns, including large stands of ostrich, royal, and sensitive ferns.

Woodland Bog

Moving into the interior is a tough slog through mud, pools, grasping vegetation, and deadfalls, and once you get there, it can seem dark, dense, disorienting, even foreboding.


None, other than the trail from the road to the preserve proper.


Steuben County. From the circle in downtown Angola, east 1.5 miles on US 20 to 100 East, then north 1.4 miles to 75 North, then east 1.4 miles to a parking area on the left (along the way, 75 East changes to 100 East).

North 41 39.468 West 84 56.703
DeLorme 23:B10

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