Alabama NPL Sites

Alabama Army Ammunition Plant

Childersburg, Talladega County
Army facility used during the Second World War to manufacture explosives.
TNT · DNT · Tetryl

Alabama Plating Co., Inc.

Vincent, Shelby County
Plating facility operations led to groundwater contamination.
Arsenic · Cadmium · Chromium · Copper · Cyanide · Lead · Nickel · Zinc

American Brass

Headland, Henry County
Site of a former secondary brass smelter and foundry facility that operated until 1992.
Boron · Nitrates · Ammonia · PCBs

Anniston Army Depot

Anniston, Calhoun County
Various activities at this very large facility have resulted in soil and groundwater contamination.
Antimony · Chromium · Lead · Thallium · Trichloroethene


McIntosh, Washington County
Production at this facility began in the 1950s; since then it has produced many chemicals.
DDT · DDD · DDE · Hexachlorocyclohexane · Chlorobenzene

Interstate Lead

Leeds, Jefferson County
The site was a secondary lead smelter and lead battery recycling facility from 1970 to 1992. There are seven related satellite locations where the facility disposed of wastes.
Lead · Antimony · Arsenic · Cadmium · Chromium · Nickel

Olin Corp.

McIntosh, Washington County
Facility that produces chlorinated chemicals, including some chlorinated pesticides.
Mercury · Chloroform

Redstone Arsenal

Huntsville, Madison County
The facility worked on development of rocket fuels.
Solvents · Metals · Pesticides · Perchlorate.

Stauffer Chemical – Cold Creek

Bucks, Mobile County
An agricultural chemical production facility.
Thiocarbamates · Carbon Tetrachloride · Carbon Disulfide · Mercury

Stauffer Chemical – Lemoyne

Axis, Mobile County
A chemical manufacturing plant.
Carbon Tetrachloride · Carbon Disulfide · Thiocarbamates · Thiocyanate

T. H. Agriculture & Nutrition

Montgomery, Montgomery County
Facility that formulated, packaged, and distributed pesticides.
Trichloroethene · Tetrachloroethene · Hexachlorides · Herbicides · Arsenic · DDT · Toxaphene

Triana/Tennessee River

Huntsville, Madison/Limestone Counties
An Olin Corporation facility that manufactured DDT from 1947 to 1970.


Mowbray Engineering

Greenville, Butler County
The facility repaired transformers from 1955 to 1974. PCBs dumped onto the ground entered a drain and traveled from there into a swamp across the street. Excavation of contaminated soils led to deletion of the site.
Deleted: 1993

Perdido Groundwater Contamination

Perdido, Baldwin County
A 1965 trail derailment led to a release of benzene, which ended up in ground water used by local residents. Remedies to date have included installation of a public water supply line, and active remediation of the ground water contamination.
Deleted: 2017

Redwing Carriers

Saraland, Mobile County
A trucking company used the site from 1961 to 1971 to maintain and store trucks.
PAHs · Pesticides · VOCs
Deleted: 2015