Miller Woods

Much has changed here in recent years. The Douglas Environmental Education Center is now open daily to any who care to visit (not just groups) and the trail system features a delightful out-and-back all the way to Lake Michigan. There are two joined loops right next to the Education Center that offer 0.5- and 0.9-mile options through open dune oak savanna and passing by and through wetland areas. If you only have time for a short walk, I recommend hiking the two loops as a figure eight so you can cross the boardwalk shortcut twice. The trail to the lake joins the western loop near its northwest corner; walking to the lake and back will add about 2.6 miles to your trip. There are small climbs but overall, the tread is easy. It passes numerous small wetlands and a gorgeous inland lake, all the while giving no visual hint of the industrial colossi nearby.

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