Weiler-Leopold Nature Preserve

Restored prairie at Weiler-Leopold Nature Preserve

Weiler-Leopold Nature Reserve is adjacent to and immediately west of Black Rock Barrens, with which it shares a common parking lot. The Ron Bogard Trail is a loop with ten numbered stations; be sure to pick up a brochure. You’ll begin by passing through a large restored prairie, planted to native grasses in 2000 and various other native plants since. After a couple of hundred yards, the path enters oak savanna habitat – broken tree cover, with grasses and other vegetation below. Watch for some white oaks, but not the tall skinny sort found in forests. These individuals had the space and sunlight to grow laterally and took advantage. The trail passes through a seasonally wet meadow where numerous seeps seem to keep the path permanently soggy. Before long, the trail turns back to the north, crosses the prairie again, and returns to the parking area.

White-tailed Deer at Weiler-Leopold Nature Preserve
Weiler-Leopold and Black Rock Barrens Trail Sketches

Directions: Warren County. From the hamlet of Independence, go northeast 3.4 miles on Independence Road to a parking area on the right (south).

GPS: N 40 21.554 W 87 06.964

Facilities: None

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