Image of Beaver Lake Nature Preserve in Newton County Indiana

About EcoIndiana

I started as a personal project in 1996 because I thought that information about Indiana's Superfund sites ought to be on the web. With time I branched out into pages about toxic chemicals, Indiana environmental organizations, Indiana natural areas, and some of the plants and animals that live in Indiana.

With time other sites arose that eclipsed what I was able to achieve in my spare time, so I trimmed things way back, and even put the site on hiatus at times. Now, it consists mostly of material excerpted from the second edition of my book Wild Indiana, which was a lot of fun to write but sold poorly and is now out of print.

Anyway, I hope you find EcoIndiana useful.


Mike Habeck

P.S.: I don't carry advertisements, solicit money, sell memberships, or maintain an e-mail list.

Thank you for visiting I hope you found it useful.
Mike Habeck