Asherwood Nature Preserve

Natural Areas: Asherwood Nature Preserve

State Designated Nature Preserve [#107; 1988]


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This ACRES preserve once belonged to Marion Community Schools and served as the Asherwood Environmental Learning Center. The preserve protects 160 acres. There are still buildings on the property, but many former structures, including an aviary, are now gone, perhaps as part of the process of bringing the property more into line with its new habitat preservation role. The preserve hosts a complex trail system that offers access to Asher Creek, a couple of ponds, and a variety of habitats. Spring wildflowers include skunk cabbage, hepatica, trout lily, Dutchman’s breeches, toadshade, pepper-and-salt, and others.

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Wabash County. Entrance is on the north side of IN 124, 0.5 mile east of the Miami-Wabash county line, near where 750W tees onto IN 124 from the south.

GPS: N 40 44.245 W 85 55.865



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