Fogwell Forest

Natural Areas: Fogwell Forest

State Designated Nature Preserve [#49; 1978]

Trail through forest interior

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Fogwell Forest is an ACRES preserve that protects more than sixty acres. Trails emanate from either side of the parking enclosure. Starting toward the southwest will take you along a meadow’s edge toward the woods. Wet areas abound in the woods, as do biting insects in the warmer months. There are large oak and beech trees; wildflowers are common in the spring and include healthy stands of trillium. Another loop, joined to the rest of the trail system by an oft-submerged segment, explores territory farther west in the woods. At times, the path veers quite close to adjacent property; mind the boundary indications.

Ironweed, a tall native prairie wildflower with purple blossoms

Ironweed. Click to enlarge

The return trip offers a chance to explore the eastern portion of the preserve. This area may be of greatest interest in late summer; expect tall grasses, intermittent shrubs, various wildflowers (especially goldenrod) adapted to open areas, and lots of birds and butterflies. Highway and airport noise can be annoying, and some of the wooded portions of the trail host luxurious colonies of nettles in the summer.

Trail Map

trail map

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Allen County. From I-69 Exit 299, east 1/3 mile to Lower Huntington Rd, then left 1.3 miles to Whippoorwill Drive, then right 0.4 miles to the end of the drive. Park in the fenced area at the end of the street.

GPS: N 40 59.990 W 85 14.310



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