Granville Sand Barrens

Granville Sand Barrens is an outstanding example of a sand barrens, an exceedingly rare habitat in Indiana. Very sandy and well-drained soils support species some quite unusual in Indiana - that are adapted to dry conditions.


Vegetation in the southern portion is waist-high, while the northern part contains much shorter plants, including fringed puccoon look for five-part yellow-orange flowers. There are no trails, but an old road runs along the southern edge; expect the company of one or more friendly local dogs.


Note that NICHES also owns the adjacent Roy Whistler Wildlife Area, another 40 acre tract of sand barrens immediately to the north.




Tippecanoe County. From the intersection of 700W and 200S in Tippecanoe County, west on 200S for 1.25 miles, then north on 825W for 0.5 miles to the parking area on the right. A sign marking the Roy Whistler property is another half mile along on the right. The road rejoins 700W 1.2 miles beyond that.

North 40 23.717 West 87 03.589
DeLorme 31:F9

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources
NICHES Land Trust