Granville Sand Barrens

Natural Areas: Granville Sand Barrens

State Designated Nature Preserve [#192; 2003]

Granville Sand Barrens

Granville Sand Barrens. Click to enlarge

Granville Sand Barrens is an outstanding example of a habitat that is exceedingly rare in Indiana. Sandy, well-drained soils support species adapted to dry conditions. Vegetation grades shorter to the north; in spring look for fringed puccoon and their five-part yellow-orange flowers. Expect local canine escorts, typically friendly, at least in my experience.


Tippecanoe County. From the intersection of County Road 700 West and County Road 200 South, go west on 200 South for 1.25 miles, then north 0.5 miles on County Road 825 West; park on right.

GPS: N 40 23.717 W 87 03.589



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