Smith Cemetery Nature Preserve

Smith Cemetery Nature Preserve is a tallgrass prairie remnant and one of the most remarkable acres in Indiana.

Burials began in the early years of European settlement, and the ground never felt the bite of a plow. For well over a century, native prairie plants hung on in this tiny refuge, popping up among tombstones and along fence lines.

Beginning in the 1980s, the DNR managed the cemetery as a prairie, and native vegetation has sprung back in full force - often obscuring the remaining headstones.

Culverís root, wild quinine, and coneflower all occur here. Walking gingerly through this preserve is like stepping back in time, to an era when these plants ruled many millions of Midwestern acres.




Vermillion County. On the west side of IN 63, about 1.9 miles south of the Perrysville exit. The entrance is marked and obvious.

North 40 01.575 West 87 27.052
DeLorme 36:D4

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources