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Porter County Indiana Location Map

Porter County is in northwest Indiana. It is bounded on the north by Lake Michigan, on the west by Lake County, on the south by Jasper County, and on the east by LaPorte County.

  Natural Areas

Coulter Nature Preserve
 See also: Heinze DNR [PDF]

Cowles Bog
 See also: NPS

Dunes Nature Preserve

Dunes Prairie Nature Preserve

Engquist Nature Preserve

Glenwood Dunes Trail
Formerly Ly-co-ki-we Trail
 See also: NPS

Great Marsh Trail
 See also: NPS

Great Marsh (Beverly Shores)

Heron Rookery Trail

Indiana Dunes State Park
 See also: DNR

JD Marshall Nature Preserve

Kemil Beach
 See also: NPS

Little Calumet River Trail
 See also: NPS

Meadowbrook Nature Preserve
 See also: Heinze

Moraine Nature Preserve
 See also: DNR [PDF] NC

Ritchie Nature Preserve

Pinhook Bog Trails

Tolleston Dunes
Formerly Inland Marsh
 See also: NPS

Walner Nature Preserve

Walnut Woods

West Beach
 See also: NPS

Wykes-Plampin Nature Preserve


Dunes Calumet Audubon Society

Indiana Native Plant Society - North Chapter

Shirley Heinze Land Trust



Porter County Indiana Watersheds map

Porter County Watersheds
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Red lines on the map depict the boundaries of 8-digit hydrologic units (one convenient definition of a watershed) as shown on this 1974 United States Geological Survey Map.

Porter County drains into two different 8-digit hydrologic units, each represented on the image above by an area between red lines and within the county boundary, designated by a letter. Clicking on a watershed name below will take you to separate page with more information on that watershed.




Little Calumet-Galien